Where Are These Parenting Myths From?

In this self-led course, you will learn more about the seven Parenting Myths from "The Awakened Family" by Dr. Shefali Tsabary. As we move through the myths you will become a more conscious parent as your awareness and authenticity expands in how these myths are influencing how you parent. It’s never too late to bring more connection and joy into your family.

Each parenting myth is deconstructed and explained in a video in more detail so you can understand the myth and notice if you are parenting from this myth in your family with your children. You will do a worksheet with each myth to deepen your learning and notice where and how each myth may be showing up in your parenting.

Unlocking Authenticity

Unlocking Authenticity is a collaboration between Kim Gross and Tia Fagan. Kim and Tia are continuing to create content to support and guide others as they walk their own path to their authentic self.

They also have a podcast “Masks Off” where you can gain weekly wisdom. Masks Off is available on your favorite podcast platform or on YouTube.

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Diving Into Seven Parenting Myths

Dive in and understand the 7 parenting myths from Dr. Shefali's book "The Awakened Family" with Tia Fagan

In this course we will be Diving Into the Seven Parenting Myths from Dr. Shefali's "The Awakened Family."

As one of Dr. Shefali's Certified Conscious Parent Coaches, explaining and understanding these myths is an important part of shifting and practicing being a Conscious Parent. As we increase our awareness and understanding of how to guide, connect, and support our children from a place of consciousness and honoring their own spirits and humanity, we realize how these parenting myths have influenced our parenting.